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Rain, lovely rain – 55mms of it since May 2. And from almost a dust-bowl, with help from a touch of fertiliser, the VG is rapidly getting back its green colour.

Apart from a quick sudden storm on the last day of January, it is the first proper rain since mid-December. The locals say it has been the driest they have seen it since last century.

Like all people on the land, the rain always seems to miss us, sliding past down towards Melbourne or coming past us from Melbourne to hit the high country.

But all that changed in May. And the kangaroos are out in force. Mostly they are hidden during the day, but with a green tinge in the field they are out in the daylight re-stocking their reserves.

At 8am this morning a huge old grey roo was grazing within 10 metres of our back door. As I write this I can see a dozen grazing on the hill. The wombats have been digging away under our cricket fence. And once I finish this I must go chase the ducks off our cricket oval. They do little harm to our grass, but what they leave behind is something of a pain.

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