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Having a gravel quarry of our own has been a boon, but to use it we need something to dig the gravel up and something else to transport it. Hiring that comes at a big cost – and includes travel time. Buying a truck means storage and servicing issues.

An ingenious local – and we’ve found lots of them came up with an answer. A pranged farm ute has been idle for a couple of years, but still can do good 4-wheel drive work.

“I can turn it into tipper for you” offered Ron, who runs a truck repair business. Just three grand later, and we have a perfectly good vehicle for transporting and tipping gravel and topsoil. It has been put to good use in completing our pathway around the oval.

A good tip – talk to the locals when trying to solve an issue!


  • Ros & JR 29/05/2019 at 9:39 pm


    You & Di are welcome any time – assuming you bring your work boots with you!

  • Brian Sawyer 27/05/2019 at 8:10 pm

    Blackout here at present – do you have any spare electricity? Reads like you are both having a bit of a rest! The glamping program looks like it is going well. Pizza cooking still going gang-busters? You should be taking Barnaby’s advice and replacing your turf with gravel. Your ground development efforts are being rewarded – shame I am so far away. I gave my 4wd to a ‘farmer’ at Ourimbah. I assume he got good use out of it. Your truck is certainly doing it’s job.

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